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Why Your Car Warranty May Be at Risk If You Don't Do This

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Automobile manufacturers are quite confident about their product. They know how important it is to create a comfortable, economical and reliable machine, and that people will vote with their cheque book if they're not happy. For this reason, they typically provide a comprehensive warranty, but they expect the owner to do their part at the same time. This is why preventative maintenance is so important and why that owner needs to present the vehicle for a logbook service as required. What is one of the most important checks for an expert mechanic during such a service visit?

Doing Your Part

Obviously, if the manufacturer is going to provide a full warranty, then they need to know that the owner is looking after the car properly. They also know how long each individual part may last, as they have conducted extensive testing, often to destruction, back at the factory. Therefore, the company will include a list of parts that need to be checked at regular intervals to make sure that they do not fail due to overuse. This list will be contained within the owner's manual (or logbook), and it's the bible for both the owner and technician.

High Risk of Damage

In an internal combustion engine, the timing belt, in particular, can wear out due to overuse or high mileage and could cause catastrophic damage. If this part were to fail, you could expect your vehicle to be off the road for a long period of time while repairs were carried out. This is why the technician will need to inspect, adjust and possibly replace the timing belt during a logbook inspection.

This belt determines how many individual moving parts interact with each other when the engine is under maximum load. It will help ensure that inlet and exhaust valves open according to milli-second timing while pistons move up and down in concert.

Preventative Maintenance

Certainly, this timing belt or chain is made from sturdy material, but it will wear out in time. If it were to break then catastrophic damage would ensue, and the vehicle manufacturer would be "on the hook" for a big warranty repair.

Booking Your Visit

As you can see, you must take your car or truck into a mechanic for them to perform the logbook service. They will also fit the highest quality parts as recommended by the manufacturer to keep you and the car company happy.

Reach out to a professional who provides logbook servicing for more information.