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How Recycled Car Parts Are Doing Their Bit for the Environment

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Most major automotive companies have an eye on the environment and are doing their utmost to reduce the overall size of their carbon footprint. This type of approach may sit well with you as a consumer if you want to be seen to do your part too when it comes to your automotive needs. You'll be pleased to hear that most of these companies have a comprehensive remanufacturing and recycling operation in place, so you may be able to get replacement parts with a smaller footprint as well. What do you need to know about this type of approach as you shop around?

Circular System

Wherever possible, many major car companies have a circular system that takes back parts from the retail network. These parts are "traded in" for new components and then shipped back to the manufacturers for further processing.

Inspection Process

Each part will be carefully inspected to determine if it is suitable for recycling. Typically, there is a very high threshold, and any parts that show signs of damage or other imperfection that could compromise the recycling process will be diverted into a separate facility. Those pieces will be broken into individual components, melted down or otherwise handled to reduce the need for a landfill.

Reconditioning Process

Where the parts are certified for further processing, they will then be reconditioned at a remanufacturing centre. Any naturally worn-out elements will be replaced with new ones before the part is reassembled and inspected again. It will then be packaged using recyclable materials and sent back into the retail system. It will be made available to customers at a competitive price and typically far lower than a similar, brand-new component.

Typical Recycled Parts

You'll be delighted to hear that the manufacturer handles many major items in this way. These include automatic transmission systems, hub/brake assemblies, clutch kits, power steering racks, diesel particulate filters and air conditioning system parts (such as a compressor).

Looking at Your Options

So as you weigh up your options and look for replacement parts, don't forget that recycled components may well be available. Get in touch with your part supplier to see if your specific needs can be met in this way. You'll be able to keep your car maintenance costs as low as possible but can be sure that the replacement parts are still of the highest quality, certified by the manufacturer and likely to last. 

For more information about parts like Toyota recycled car parts, contact a local company.