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4 Things to Think About Before Buying New Truck Mirror Arms

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If you need to replace the mirror arms on your truck, then you should take some time to choose the right product. If you don't make the right choice, then an arm might not last that long. More seriously, it could put you at risk if it doesn't hold its mirror in place when you're on the road. So, before you choose a product, make sure it meets the following checklist.

1. Mirror Size

If you'll slot an existing mirror into a new arm, then your first job is to work out the mirror size. You need an arm that fits the mirror and holds it securely.

For example, if the arm you buy is too big for the mirror or if it can't be adjusted to hold it tightly, then your mirror might come loose. It might fall out completely. If it breaks, then you'll have to buy a new mirror too. If the arm is too small a fit, then you'll either have to buy a new arm or a smaller mirror.

2. Arm Strength

Beware of cheap mirror arms which are made from flimsy materials. Truck mirrors can be heavy. They often have to cope with knocks and bumps that could affect the arm's hold. If you buy an arm that isn't robust, then it might buckle under the strain of holding its mirror. The arm might break or come away from your truck too easily if it gets hit in an accident.

Look for arms made from strong materials like steel. These materials are less likely to bend or break. They should stay in place more effectively.

3. Fixing Measurements

It's a lot easier to fit new mirror arms if their fixing holes match your current configuration. If they do, then you can simply take off your old arm and attach the new one in the same position. If the holes don't line up, you have a harder and longer job on your hands.

If you have problems finding an exact fit, look for adjustable mirror arms. You can move these products to make them fit more easily.

4. Truck Compatibility

Not all mirror arms fit all trucks. A generic arm might not be the right size and shape for your vehicle. It might not automatically fit in the same position as your current arm.

The easiest way to get a good match here is to look for an arm that is designed for your truck's brand and model. For example, if you drive a Hino Dutro, then look for a parts supplier who stocks Hino Dutro truck mirror arms for your model number.

For more advice, contact your truck parts supplier.