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Four Supporting Modifications and Parts You Need To Make Your Truck A True Off-Roader

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Many off-roaders focus their efforts on showy modifications. After all, a lifted suspension, burly mud tires, and extreme bumpers transform the look of your truck into something beastly. While those mods certainly can make your truck more capable off road, there are a few low-key supporting mods and parts you should install to make your ride safer and more reliable when you're out on the trail.

A High-Powered Winch

No matter how capable your rig is in the dirt, chances are you're going to get stuck at some point. That's why you need a high-powered winch mounted to the front of your truck. This vehicle part can be quite the addition to your truck. When you get bogged down in a mud hole, you can simply lasso the nearest tree and winch your ride back to dry land. You'll also be able to tow out other people who are stuck, making you the hero of the off-road trail.

A Light Bar

Your stock headlights and fog lamps are inadequate for hardcore off-roading. One big splash of mud at night may cause your lights to be completely blind. You'll have to get out, slosh through the grime, and wipe your lights clean by hand.

To avoid that situation, install a high-intensity light bar on your truck. You want to mount this part higher up than your stock lights so that it avoids getting splashed. Popular positions include on top of the hood or on top of the roof. Just make sure you don't turn it on when you're driving to and from the trail — you don't want to blind other drivers. 

A Beefy Battery

Your aftermarket winch and light system will require a lot of battery power to operate. Your stock battery may be capable of doing the job, but that's not ideal — stock batteries aren't designed to power such energy-hungry accessories. You certainly don't want your battery giving out at a desperate time when you're stuck in the mud at night.

Install a larger, more powerful battery in your rig to avoid getting stranded. This vehicle part will also come in handy if you decide to camp out. You'll be able to light your campsite, play some music and charge your electronic devices without the fear of your battery going dead right away.

Skid Plates

Skid plates bolt onto the underside of your truck to protect vital components from being damaged. They're absolutely necessary if you plan to do any rock crawling, unless you want jagged rocks smashing up your oil pan, exhaust and floorboards. However, even if you'll be sticking to dirt trails, skid plates are a good idea. You never know when a stray tree branch might jab its way into your truck's undercarriage and cause some expensive damage.

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