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Charging Your car Battery at Home: What you Need to Know

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In most cases, motorists rarely need to charge their car battery at all. When the car is on, the alternator charges your battery and gives it enough power to sustain various components inside your vehicle. However, there are cases where your battery is getting old (typically after five years of use) or may forget to turn off your headlights. Knowing how to recharge your battery at home is a very useful skill to have. Read More»

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind When Replacing a Turbocharger

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Think your car needs a new turbocharger? If so, you want to do the installation on your own. To help you work through the process successfully, take a look at these tips. 1. Always Start With a Thorough Diagnostic To ensure that the turbocharger really needs to be replaced, you should start with a diagnostic of your vehicle. That way, if something else is causing the issue, you can narrow in on that instead, and you can leave the existing turbocharger in place. Read More»