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Quick Considerations Before You Buy Your 4WD Lift Kit

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A lift kit for your 4WD can protect your truck, jeep, or SUV when off-roading or driving over any rough terrain. It can also make your vehicle look sportier and even make you feel more secure when you're elevated above other traffic. While a lift kit can be a great choice for your vehicle, you want to ensure you take your time to check all details before purchasing and installing such a kit. Note a few things to keep in mind before you even begin shopping. 

1. Check local laws

Some lift kits are called lift spacers, and these are like blocks that are placed under the axles. Some local areas may not allow multiple lift spacers to be stacked on a single axle, as this might put your vehicle at added risk of a broken axle when driving. There might also be laws about how far you can have your vehicle elevated while on the road. Be sure you've checked all local laws about lift kits and elevation for your vehicle before you shop for anything, especially before you decide on installing the lift kit on your own, as a professional may know these regulations and not install anything that's against local laws.

2. Check the shock absorbers

Typically, shocks have a limit as to their range of motion. If you use a lift kit with the shocks you have on your vehicle currently and they get overextended, this can cause damage to your vehicle as it bounces and also increase the risk of having a shock break. 

Your vehicle's owner's manual should tell you the maximum range of motion for your shocks. If not, you might simply buy extended shocks when you buy your lift kit, especially if you're choosing a very long lift. This will ensure the shocks can do their job and don't get worn or break too easily.

3. Lifting versus leveling

If you're looking for a lift kit for your truck, you might note that there are leveling kits which might be the better choice. These are installed in the front of the truck and they offer enough lift to make the truck body even. This lift can protect the front end of your truck when off-roading and may provide the clearance needed for larger tires. Since a leveling kit may be cheaper and easier to install that a full lift kit, it's worth the time to measure the front and rear wheel wells of your truck and note if it only needs a simple leveling.

For more information about your options for 4WD lift kits, contact a local supplier or auto shop.