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Here's Why You Should Go for a Diesel-Powered Car

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If you want to buy a car for the first time, one of the most important things to consider is the car's engine. Is it powered by diesel or petrol? Theoretically, both petrol and diesel engines are similar because they are internal combustion engines designed to generate mechanical energy after burning fuel chemicals. But as much as the engines work in a similar fashion, there are some notable differences in their output and overall performance of the car. If you are looking to buy a car, the following are a few of the reasons why diesel engines may be ideal for you:

Diesel Engines are Fuel Efficient

A car with a fuel-efficient engine will enable you to save a lot of money. Generally, cars that have a diesel engine generate a lot of mechanical power even on little fuel, unlike those that have a petrol engine. This is because diesel engines have a high compression rating. In addition, you should also note that diesel is not refined to the same extent as petrol. Therefore, the rate of fuel combustion is slow compared to that in a petrol engine.

More Power

With a diesel engine, you will enjoy huge bursts of power whenever you are driving. This is because of the energy levels released by the engine. Ideally, diesel has a higher energy density than petrol, meaning that you can draw a higher amount of mechanical energy from diesel than you would from the same amount of petrol. If you enjoy powerful leaps and acceleration over short distances, you can do this well with a diesel engine without using up too much fuel. Lastly, the high amount of mechanical power also makes diesel cars ideal for towing things such as boat trailers whenever you need to.

Reduced Costs of Maintenance

Servicing your car is a recurrent cost that you will have to incur from time to time. In most cases, one of the things that is often replaced during car servicing are the spark plugs. These are devices required to fire up the explosive fuel mixture in the car's engine. For some high-end car models, new spark plugs can significantly add up to the cost of servicing. Thankfully, cars with a diesel engine do not have spark plugs. The engine uses hot, compressed air to fire up the fuel in the engine instead of the spark-style ignition system used in cars with petrol engines. With spark plugs out of the picture, the cost of servicing your engine reduces significantly.