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3 Stress-free tips to get the best out of your diesel engine: A guide for beginners

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Diesel vehicles of today are a stark contrast to what they were decades ago. Diesel engines have been refined to compete with petrol engines in many aspects. Notably, enhancing the performance of a diesel engine is a critical part of vehicle maintenance. Besides increasing engine output, tuning an engine can help it last for years without failing. Here are a few tips for car owners to bear in mind when maintaining diesel engines.   

Exhaust Systems -- Installing a high-quality exhaust system has a myriad of benefits to a diesel car, including reduced noise levels, smooth acceleration, and extended lifespan of the engine. The fuel economy of the vehicle is also improved when you replace the exhaust pipe. A performance exhaust system, which comprises of a catalytic converter and muffler, enhances the harmonics of an engine.

Fuel Injectors -- Leaking or damaged fuel injectors can lead to diesel engine failure in the end if not repaired earlier. Some of the signs you should watch out for if your fuel injector is faulty include lower fuel efficiency, as the engine chambers do not receive adequate volumes of fuel from the tank. The outcome is that the engine can misfire or get damaged because of lack of sufficient fuel. You might also experience small Revolutions per minute (RPM). Further, if your vehicle has starting problems (stammering or stuttering) even when the tank is full, then the fuel injector might be the culprit. Moreover, a leaky injector can produce a strong fuel odour that can be felt in the cabin due to excessive pressure that causes leakage from the nozzle. Minor leakage or clogging issues can be fixed by cleaning. However, if the injectors are damaged, then a technician will have to replace them to prevent costly problems in the future.   

Modules Replacement -- Diesel performance modules or chips are devices that modify or intercept engine signals to enhance the output of the vehicle. Replacing old diesel performance modules can increase the effectiveness of your engine by maximising the volume of fuel injected into the engine. Engine experts recommend that you replace your modules to gain better torque capacity. Moreover, you might gain extra horsepower if you replace the performance modules. The best part about installing new modules is that you don't have to reprogram your vehicle's circuits. However, you need to talk to an expert since there are tradeoffs to be made when you install the chip.